Terms & Conditions

  1. All charges must be paid in full before the hiring commences, unless stated otherwise, any extra costs such as extra time, mileage, parking, drinks or telephone usage must be settled at the end of hire by arrangements made.
  2. Only South Shore Limousines drivers are insured to drive the vehicles. Under no circumstances will any other person be allowed to drive the vehicles.
  3. The chauffeur will drive at reasonable speeds keeping within the law and will use their judgment in relation to the prevailing road type and conditions.
  4. South Shore Limousines accepts no responsibility, nor can it be held liable in any way whatsoever for any delays, however caused.
  5. South Shore Limousines operates a NO SMOKING policy within all their vehicles. Should this condition be ignored the chauffeur is authorised to terminate the hire agreement and a refund will not be offered under any circumstances.
  6. In the event of a cancellation of a confirmed booking by the client either £100.00 or 50% of the agreed total cost is payable to South Shore Limousines which ever is greater.
  7. In the event of a mechanical failure due to circumstances beyond their control, South Shore Limousines reserves the right to substitute an alternative vehicle/vehicles.
  8. South Shore Limousines cannot be held responsible or liable for any loss or damage to the clien'ts and/or passenger's property however caused.
  9. The chauffeur reserves the right to refuse carriage of luggage if, in his judgment, the volume of weight is excessive.
  10. South Shore Limousines will not be held responsible for use of transportation of any illegal substance or articles within their vehicles. The hire agreement will be terminated immediately without refund if the client contravenes this condition.
  11. The client will be held responsible for the conduct of all passengers in the vehicle at all times.
  12. The client will be held responsible for any or all damage however caused by the client or there guests to the vehicles to the minimum charge of £100.00 or the cost of repairing/cleaning whichever is the greater. This includes sickness, spillage, stains, cigarette burns or fabric tears.
  13. The client is liable for all glassware breakages at a replacement cost of £5.00 per glass.
  14. All times stated in the booking must be complied to, anything outside these times will be charged accordingly and payable in full on termination of the hire.
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